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Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training (BSAT) Program

According to our proposed plan, the last admission cycle to the professional phase of the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training degree program will occur in spring 2019. Students who have completed all required AT courses and general education courses by the end of the 2019 first summer session are eligible to submit their admission application in April 2019. Admission decisions will be made in July 2019 once the first summer session is complete. This final cohort of students seeking the BSAT degree will graduate in May 2022.

General Information

Students must complete a formal application to be admitted into the Professional Phase of the Athletic Training Program (ATP). This application takes place after the pre-requisite courses have been completed (Pre-Professional Phase), traditionally in the spring of the sophomore year. In order to apply, students must have completed (or currently be enrolled in/planning to enroll in May) ATEP 205, ATEP 206, ATEP 291, and BIO 290 (Human Anatomy), have grades of a “C” or better in the pre-requisite courses by June 15 of the application year. It is strongly preferred that students are also enrolled in BIO 270 (Human Physiology) at the time of application, but the program recognizes that some students will not be able to register for this class prior to submitting the ATP application. Preference for admission will be given to students who have completed BIO 270 if there is a “tie” between students for a seat in the program. [ Note: ATEP 205 and BIO 290 (Anatomy) are pre-requisites for ATEP 206. CHEM 120 or 131 and MATH 220 are pre-requisites for BIO 270 (Physiology).] For more information on the Pre-Professional phase of the ATP see the ATP Curriculum Handbook.

Application Process/Contents

The ATP application and supporting documents are available to students through their ATEP 291 Blackboard website or by contacting the Program Director. Students will be guided through the admission process during ATEP 291 class. Applications can be submitted to the Program Director anytime after January 15, but must be completed by April 1 in order to be considered. After submission of the application, qualified applicants will be invited for an interview with a committee comprised of ATP faculty, staff and students. Interviews take place prior to finals week during the spring semester.

Information that is required as part of the application includes the following. Greater detail for each item can be found on the application.

  • Personal data information
  • Verification of grades
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Essays in response to specific questions
  • Verification of clinical observation hours and submission of performance evaluations from those hours (completed during ATEP 291)
  • Completion of Health Information including:
    • Proof of completion of the Hepatitis B vaccine (3-part vaccine or signature of waiver)
    • Physical exam and updated immunization records on file with the University Health Center (immunizations must remain current for the duration of the program)
  • Verification of your ability to meet the Technical Standards (PDF)
  • Completion of University's Universal Precautions training (annual requirement; first completed during ATEP 291)
  • Completion of the Confidentiality Statement (annual requirement) (first completed during ATEP 291)
  • Read and sign the Commitment to Excellence statement (annual requirement)(first completed during ATEP 291)
  • Be certified in first aid. The certification submitted must be good for the duration of the ATP.
  • Be certified in emergency cardiac care (CPR must remain current while in the ATP). Emergency cardiac care certification can be obtained from the American Red Cross, American Heart Association or other similar approved agency but must include knowledge and skills assessments in the following components:
    • Adult CPR
    • Infant and Child CPR
    • Two-person rescuer CPR
    • Use of bag-valve-mask for an infant, child and adult
    • Use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)

Competitive and Selective Program

The ATP at JMU is a highly competitive and selective program whereby a limited number of students ( maximum of 18) are admitted annually. Meeting the criteria for application does not guarantee admission into the program.

Notification of Acceptance

Students may be notified of their acceptance to the program as early as June 1 depending on the number of applicants each year. When students are completing ATEP 206 during the summer (Maymester), all students will be notified of their acceptance/denial by July 1 (or within one week from the last day of ATEP 206, whichever is earlier). Summer school (Maymester) students will be given the same opportunity for admission as those students completing the required courses during the academic year.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must complete the same prerequisites and pre-professional phase experience as all other students. In order to complete the pre-professional phase and stay “on track” for graduation in four years, students are strongly encouraged to transfer to JMU for enrollment for the fall semester of the sophomore year. Students can sometimes be accommodated in pre-requisite courses if they transfer for the spring semester of the sophomore year, but there are no guarantees that required classes will still have spaces available for registration. Transfer students have the same opportunity for acceptance to the ATEP as students who enrolled at JMU as freshmen. For more information regarding transferring credits into JMU’s ATEP program, see the ATEP Curriculum Handbook.

Once Admitted to the ATP

Students admitted to the ATP may be required to submit the following additional information:

  • Some off-campus clinical settings may require a criminal background check. If a background check is required, it is the student's financial responsibility to provide that information.
  • Additional fees may be incurred once admitted to the professional phase of the program. See the ATP Curriculum Handbook for details.


  • November 17-25
    Thanksgiving Break
  • December 9-15
    Final Examinations
  • December 15-16
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