James Madison University

BSAT Curriculum Overview

Pre-requisite Courses

Dept Course Number Course Title Credits
* BIO 290 Human Anatomy 4
* ATEP 205 Introduction to Athletic Training 3
* ATEP 206 Recognition and Management of Athletic Injuries 3
* ATEP 291 Pre-Professional Practicum in Athletic Training 2
CHEM 120 or 131 Concepts of Chemistry OR General Chemistry (required before BIO 270 but not for ATP admission) 3
MATH 220 Elementary Statistics (required before BIO 270, but not for ATP admission) 3

* must complete with grade of "C" or better

Suggested Course Sequence

Below is a suggested sequence for completing the Athletic Training curriculum program in four years. All courses listed are required for graduation. Please note: All ATP courses shown in bold must be taken in the sequence shown in order to graduate in four years. Taking a class out of sequence or needing to retake a required ATP class will require additional semester(s).

Pre-requisite/Pre-Professional Phase

Freshman Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
General Education Cluster 1 (3hrs) General Education Cluster 5 (3hrs)
General Education Cluster 1 (3hrs) General Education Cluster 2 (3hrs)
General Education Cluster 1 (3hrs) General Education Cluster 3 (CHEM 120 or 131 recommended) (3hrs)
* + ATEP  205  Intro to Athletic Training (3hrs) Electives (3hrs)
MATH 220 (3hrs) Electives (3hrs)
15 hrs 15 hrs

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
*+ BIO 290 (Anatomy) (4hrs) BIO 270 (Physiology) (4hrs)
General Education Cluster 5 (3hrs) * ATEP 206 Recognition and Management of Athletic Injuries (3hrs)  
General Education Cluster 2 (3hrs) * ATEP 291 Pre-Practicum in A.T. (2hrs)
General Education Cluster 4 (3hrs) General Education Cluster 2 (3hrs)
Elective (1hrs) General Education Cluster 4 (4hrs)
14 hrs 16 hrs

+ pre-requisite to ATEP 206

Accepted to Athletic Training Program - upper division

Junior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
* ATEP 304A Lower Quarter Evaluation  (3hrs) * ATEP 304B Upper Quarter Evaluation (3hrs)
* ATEP 306 Therapeutic Modalities (4hrs) * ATEP 305 Rehabilitation in AT (Lower) (3hrs)
* ATEP 307 Acute Care of Injuries & Illnesses (3hrs) * + HTH 441 Rehab Biomechanics (3hrs)
* ATEP 350 Measurement Techniques in AT (2hrs) * ATEP 355 Infectious Disease Control (1hr)
* HTH 354  US Health Care System (3hrs)   * NUTR 280 Nutrition for Wellness (3hrs)
* ATEP 392 Practicum II in AT (3hrs) * ATEP 377 General Medicine in AT (2hrs)
  * ATEP 378 Assessment Techniques (1hr)
  * ATEP 393 Practicum III in AT (2hrs)
18 hrs 18 hrs

* Must complete with a grade of “C” or better.
+ ATP students must take the “AT students only”section of this course (unless permission is granted to allow another section). The AT section will cover the material at a higher level and will be AT-specific.

Senior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
* ATEP 405 Rehabilitation in AT (Upper) (3hrs) * ATEP 406 Organization and Admin in AT (3hrs)
* KIN 302/L Exercise Physiology (4 hrs) OR
~ BIO 270 (4 hrs) if not yet taken
Elective or KIN 302 and KIN 302L (if not taken in fall semester)(3-4 hrs)
* ATEP 376 Pharmacology for AT (2hrs) General Education Cluster 3 BSReq/Math (3hrs) (if not yet taken)
* # NUTR 382 Sports Nutrition (3hrs) * ATEP 495 Practicum V (2hrs)
* ATEP 494 Practicum IV in AT (2-3 hrs) Elective (1hr)
14-15 hrs 12-13 hrs

* Must complete with a grade of "C" or better.
# Can also be taken on-line in summer prior to senior year
~ Students must take BIO 270 prior to taking KIN 302/L. If BIO 270 is taken in the fall of the senior year, KIN 302/L will be taken in the spring semester of the senior year.

For specific information about the above courses, please search the most recent JMU Undergraduate Catalog.

Information on the General Education requirements can be found on the General Education (GenEd) website.


  • On May 20, 2015, the Athletic Training Strategic Alliance announced that the CAATE Standards for Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs will be changed to require that professional programs be at the master’s degree level.  James Madison University is dedicated to meet this accreditation requirement in order to continue providing excellent education to produce strong athletic training health care providers.  Our transition to the master’s degree has begun and will influence students entering JMU as freshman in the fall 2018 semester and thereafter.  These students should refer to information on our Master of Science in Athletic Training Program

    For students who entered JMU in the fall of 2017 or are considering transferring to the University, please note the last admission cycle to the professional phase of the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training degree program will occur in spring 2019. Students who have completed all required AT courses and general education courses by the end of the 2019 first summer session are eligible to submit their admission application in April 2019.  Admission decisions will be made in July 2019 once the first summer session is complete.  All future students will need to apply to the Master of Science Program.  The final cohort of students seeking the BSAT degree will graduate in May 2021.


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