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Frye , Jamie - PhD, ATC
Athletic Training Faculty –Program Director
HBS 2008 540-568-8836 fryejl@jmu.edu
Peterson, Connie - PhD, ATC
Athletic Training Faculty
HBS 2016 540-568-7085 peterscl@jmu.edu
B. Kent Diduch - M.D.
Program Medical Director
GODW 128 540-568-6562 diduchbk@jmu.edu
Michalik, Maegan - MS, ATC
Clinical Coordinator
HBS 2010 540-568-2832 michalmr@jmu.edu
Maxwell, Paula - PhD, ATC
Athletic Training Faculty
HBS 5051C 540-568-8872 maxwelpj@jmu.edu

Sports Medicine Staff


Office Phone


Kuster, Tom - MS, ATC, NASM-PES,CES
Associate AD for Integrated Health & Sports Performance
GODW 128 540-568-3893 kustertj@jmu.edu
Colborne, Jessica – MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
APC 110 540-568-7126 colborjl@jmu.edu
Cook, Scott - MS, ATC,EMT
Associate Athletic Trainer
APC 110B 540-568-6576 cooksl@jmu.edu
Hale, Olivia – MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
MEM 1120A 540-568-4107 haleoc@jmu.edu
Hunter, Lauryn – MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
CONC 132 540-568-7844 hunterla@jmu.edu
Leonard, Jackie - MS, ATC, CES, CSCS
Associate Athletic Trainer
GODW 128 540-568-2973 downarjm@jmu.edu
Leonard, Jon - MS, ATC,CES
Associate Athletic Trainer
MEM 1120A 540-568-6562 leonarjl@jmu.edu
Maleike, Marisa – MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
APC 110 540-568-8028 maleikma@jmu.edu
Medina, Alex – MS, LAT, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
APC 110   medinaaf@jmu.edu
Schoen, Leah – MA, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
GODW 128 540-568-5807 schoe7lm@jmu.edu
Smith, Chris - MEd, ATC
Associate Athletic Trainer
GODW 128 540-568-5847 smith6cm@jmu.edu

Graduate Assistants

Off-Campus Preceptors


  • On May 20, 2015, the Athletic Training Strategic Alliance announced that the CAATE Standards for Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs will be changed to require that professional programs be at the master’s degree level.  James Madison University is dedicated to meet this accreditation requirement in order to continue providing excellent education to produce strong athletic training health care providers.  Our transition to the master’s degree has begun and will influence students entering JMU as freshman in the fall 2018 semester and thereafter.  These students should refer to information on our Master of Science in Athletic Training Program

    For students who entered JMU in the fall of 2017 or are considering transferring to the University, please note the last admission cycle to the professional phase of the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training degree program will occur in spring 2019. Students who have completed all required AT courses and general education courses by the end of the 2019 first summer session are eligible to submit their admission application in April 2019.  Admission decisions will be made in July 2019 once the first summer session is complete.  All future students will need to apply to the Master of Science Program.  The final cohort of students seeking the BSAT degree will graduate in May 2021.


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