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If you have questions about gifts to either the Department of Health Professions or the Department of Health Sciences, contact:

John Meck
Associate Director, Corp & Foundation Giving
College of Health and Behavioral Studies
LAC 3108, MSC 4401
All contributions are tax deductible.

Giving Opportunities

The Department of Health Professions and the Department of Health Sciences need your help!  Our Department contributes to the liberal education of all students and prepare students for professional careers in the health sciences and/or for entry into professional programs.  We provide service to the community, state, region and nation, and we conduct and disseminate scholarship in the field of health sciences. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us develop these resources:

  • Promote student and faculty innovation, scholarship and professional development in the context of the department’s programs.
  • Support health sciences student research projects conducted at JMU.
  • Develop scholarships for deserving students who might otherwise not be able to afford to enroll in our programs.

How to Contribute to Department of Health Professions and the Department of Health Sciences

Give NOW! Health Sciences Department (14489)
Donations to the Health Sciences department are used to assist students with unique learning opportunities such as research projects for which they need supplies or equipment. Funds are also used to help students present their research at state, regional or national conferences. Donations help JMU students complete work that sets them apart from students enrolled in the programs of other colleges, making them more competitive for graduate school and future employment.

Give NOW!Nancy Powell Hardaway Endowment (25419)
This fund provides support for the "Nancy Powell Hardaway Speakers Series," an opportunity to bring practitioners to JMU to interact with students in Health Science Programs.

Give NOW!Athletic Training Education Program (14165)
The Athletic Training Program strives to provide students with opportunities that will enhance their classroom and clinical education by building leadership skills, helping them develop a global view of the Athletic Training profession, and promoting a desire to give back to the profession.  Donations to the Athletic Training Program will help students participate in learning opportunities beyond the traditional academic setting such as supporting:

  • participation in professional meetings (such as VATA, MAATA, or NATA)
  • attendance at student-focused symposia (such as the VATA Student Symposium)
  • travel and housing to special events such as Capitol Hill Day and event coverage of the Boston Marathon
The program needs the latest high-quality equipment to help students develop clinical skills.  Donations to the Athletic Training Program may also be used to fund equipment purchases such as:

  • patient simulators
  • CPR manikins that allow advanced airway administration
  • innovative rehabilitation equipment

Give NOW!Health Services Administration (14488)
The Health Services Administration Program welcomes contributions from donors to support a student scholarship program, student leadership awards, and student membership in, and attendance at annual meetings of the American College of Healthcare Executives and other national health administration professional associations.

Give NOW!Dietetics Programs Fund (14360)
Donations to the Dietetics Programs fund will help us support educational experiences outside the traditional classroom, including graduate and undergraduate research projects, travel to conferences to present research findings, specialized nutrient analysis programs, and other incidental expenses associated with the Dietetics Program.

The program needs a nutrition laboratory which will include equipment to run laboratory measures of nutritional status, private spaces to conduct nutrition focused physical examinations, and private rooms for counseling clients on dietary and lifestyle modifications needed to improve health.  Donations to this fund may help support creation and furnishing of the nutrition laboratory.

Give NOW!Occupational Therapy (OT) Clinical Education Services (14656)
This fund supports the work of the Occupational Therapy (OT) Clinic and its programs

Give NOW!Physician Assistant Program (14686)
Donations to the PA Program will help us enhance student learning in the classroom and fund student research experiences. Funds are used for purchase of new equipment such as specialized simulation models, funding for student attendance at state and national conferences, and funding for student research projects.

Scholarship Funds & Awards

Give NOW!Leona K. Barlow Scholarship (25184)
This scholarship will provide funds annually to support outstanding Health Sciences students. Leona K. Barlow was a 1936 graduate of Madison College. Through her estate this scholarship fund was originally established for student majoring in Home Economic. As that major is no longer offered at JMU the scholarship is utilized to support students who are Dietetics majors.

Give NOW!Karina McMullan Award for Occupational Therapy (14605)
This scholarship provides funds  to support outstanding Occupational Therapy (OT) graduate students.  This award is named in honor of Karina McMullan. 

Give NOW!Downey Family Scholarship Endowment in Health Services Administration (25357)
The Downey Family Scholarship Endowment in Health Services Administration will provide financial resources annually for one (or more) outstanding junior or senior student(s) majoring in Health Services Administration.  William Downey is a 1980 graduate of the Health Services Administration program.  He now serves and president and CEO of Riverside Health System. 

Give NOW!Minnie Christiansen - Margaret Miner Endowed Scholarship (25294)
This scholarship provides funds annually to support the dietetics major having the highest average at the end of seven semesters.  This scholarship was established in honor of Minnie Christiansen and Margaret Miner.  Neither of these women had much schooling, but both believed that education was the key to a better quality of life.  They each had a child who became a Ph.D. and professor emeritus at a university. 

Give NOW!Nannie Rudd Evans ('41) Endowed Scholarship in Dietetics at James Madison University (25382)
This scholarship  provides funds annually to support an outstanding student in Dietetics or another discipline within the Department of Health Sciences.  The scholarship honors the memory Nannie Rudd Evans ('41) who served as a dietitian for the Army Medical Specialist Corps as a for thirty years for which she received many awards for her outstanding service.  Upon retirement from the army, she inspected nursing homes in San Antonio with the Texas Department of Health for 12 years.  Intention of this scholarship is to help students begin a lifetime of service like that of Nannie Rudd Evans.

Give NOW!Juanita and Trammel Fishback Memorial Scholarship (25410)
This scholarship provides funds to support an outstanding student in Dietetics who has a demonstrated financial need.  Juanita Fishback was a former faculty member in Home Economics at Madison College.

Give NOW!Martha Irvin '56 Scholarship Endowment in Dietetics (25547)
This scholarship  provides support for an outstanding undergraduate students whose chosen field of study and research is Dietetics.  Each year, scholarship funds are provided to one outstanding undergraduate student and these are renewable for up to four academic years.  Martha Irvin is a 1956 Madison College graduate with a degree in Home Economics.

Give NOW!Joanne Pearson Dietetics Scholarship (25680)
This scholarship provides support for an outstanding student majoring in Dietetics with preference to students from underrepresented groups or individuals with financial resource limiations.  The scholarship honors Dr. Joanne M. Pearson, a faculty who contributed to the JMU dietetics program for 12 years. 

Give NOW!Dorothy Rowe Dietetic Award Scholarship (25739)
This scholarship provides support for a senior majoring in dietetics who has a high GPA, is active in the dietetic club and has gained experience in various dietetics-related areas, either as a paid employee or as a volunteer.  The scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Dorothy "Dot" M. Rowe '.   Dorothy graduate from Madison College with a B.S. in Home Economics Education and Institution Management , earned her doctoral degree, and then returned to JMU to become Head of the Home Economics department.  She has been very involved in the field of Dietetics during her professional career.  

Give NOW!Spitzer Family Scholarship for Health Sciences (25818)
This scholarship provides support for a student from Rockingham or Fairfax Counties who enters the Department of Health Sciences, with preferences for students in the academic programs of Dietetics or Nutrition.  Students may receive this scholarship throughout his/her JMU enrollment.   This scholarship honors the Spitzer Family, and especially Margaret Spitzer (37)  Margaret graduated from Madison College, and two of her aunts, Nora and Lucy Spitzer, attended the Harrisonburg Normal School during the early years, around 1917.  Margaret taught home economics in Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties and in South Norfolk and later moved to Fairfax to become school food services supervisor.  Intention of this scholarship is to help students begin a lifetime of service like that of Margaret Spitzer. 

Give NOW!Mary E. Massie Vetrovec ('67) Endowed Scholarship for Dietetics (25869)
This scholarship provides support for outstanding rising juniors in Dietetics who are from Virginia and have a demonstrated financial need.   The scholarship honors Mary E. Massie Vetrovec ('67).  Mary Vetrovec is a 1967 Madison College graduate with a degree in Home Economics.


  • On May 20, 2015, the Athletic Training Strategic Alliance announced that the CAATE Standards for Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs will be changed to require that professional programs be at the master’s degree level.  James Madison University is dedicated to meet this accreditation requirement in order to continue providing excellent education to produce strong athletic training health care providers.  Our transition to the master’s degree has begun and will influence students entering JMU as freshman in the fall 2018 semester and thereafter.  These students should refer to information on our Master of Science in Athletic Training Program

    For students who entered JMU in the fall of 2017 or are considering transferring to the University, please note the last admission cycle to the professional phase of the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training degree program will occur in spring 2019. Students who have completed all required AT courses and general education courses by the end of the 2019 first summer session are eligible to submit their admission application in April 2019.  Admission decisions will be made in July 2019 once the first summer session is complete.  All future students will need to apply to the Master of Science Program.  The final cohort of students seeking the BSAT degree will graduate in May 2021.


Read Athletic Training FAQs