James Madison University

Health 389: Practicum in Health Assessment & Promotion

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. David L. Wenos
Health & Human Services 3113

I. Statement of Rationale and Purpose

It is important to provide students opportunities to orient themselves to the work setting before they begin their internship experience. The practicum experience is designed to allow the students to become familiar with the procedures and to participate to a limited extent in the activities of the site.

II. Course Objectives

At the completion of the course the student should be able to meet the following objectives:

  1. Be familiar with site procedures of the assigned location.
  2. Observe and assist for the minimum hours specified at the beginning of the course.
  3. Recognize the general characteristics of the groups of individuals with whom they are assigned to work.
  4. Assist in the preparation of materials, the setting up of equipment, client assessment, etc. when necessary and permitted in conducting the activities of the site.
  5. Understand the procedures for internship as the culmination of their professional preparation as a health professional.

Practicum Guidelines

The expectations we have for the completion of your practicum credits involve number of hours, documentation, and evaluation:


For each practicum credit hour, you need 20 hours of work. A regular class has 16 contact hours in the classroom with additional work done outside of class, such as reading, projects, studying, etc. The practicum experience is the total contact hours on the work site. It requires only minimal work outside the actual hours on the practicum site, therefore, two hours each week of the semester for each credit hour is required. You may schedule these total hours however you and your supervisor wish. You may be on the site for less weeks, but more than two hours per week if that is agreeable with everyone involved.


This involves keeping a simple log of dates of your practicum, the hours you are there and a simple of listing of your duties or tasks performed. Please have your supervisor sign this log. You need to turn this in at the end of the semester, on or before Monday of finals week.


  1. Write a four page summary of your experience. In this summary, generally  review your overall experience. Using the evaluation form, comment on the area of  professional development or characteristic that you improved upon the most. (20%)
  2. Completed weekly practicum logs with your supervisor’s signature. (10%)
  3. In joint conferences with the student, field supervisor and faculty internship advisor, evaluation of the field experience will be made. A grade will be assigned by the faculty internship advisor. (70%)
  4. Your supervisor will need to complete the evaluation form for your performance.  Please have your supervisor mail the evaluation form to one of the following addresses:

    On Campus Practicum sites:
    Dr. David Wenos
    Department of Health Sciences
    MSC 4013

    Off Campus Sites
    Dr. David Wenos
    James Madison University
    Department of Health Sciences
    MSC 4013
    Harrisonburg , VA 22807


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