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The Health Assessment and Promotion concentration includes two fieldwork experiences: HTH 389 – Practicum in Health Education and HTH 454/495 – Fieldwork in Health Organizations. Majors in Health Assessment & Promotion should plan on doing the practicum field experience during the Junior year. HTH 389 requires 60 during a semester. HTH 454/495 is an internship which requires a minimum of eight (8) consecutive weeks and includes 320 hours of field experience. It is considered to be the capstone course for the concentration. The internship is completed during the 4th block of the Senior year or the May session immediately following the regular school year.

Students need an override for both the Practicum and Internship. Faculty approval is required for fieldwork prior to starting. A signed Confirmation Agreement by the student, Faculty advisor, and the site supervisor is necessary before starting the eight week internship. The respective fieldwork syllabi, requirements and other related course forms can be found at the following links:

Health 389 Course Information

Health 454/495 Course Information


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