James Madison University

Faculty/Staff Directory

Name Office Phone Email
Mr. Jerry Weniger
Program Director
HBS 4056 540-568-8171 wenigegr@jmu.edu
Dr. Tomer Feldman
Medical Director
N/A N/A feldmatx@jmu.edu
Dr. Erika Kancler
Principal Faculty
HBS 4055 540-568-6758 kancleen@jmu.edu
Mrs. Kristy Liskey
Director of Clinical Education
HBS 4062 540-568-2609 liskeykc@jmu.edu
Ms. Sharon Maiewski
Admissions Coordinator & Academic Coordinator
HBS 4058 540-568-2392 maiewssf@jmu.edu
Mrs. Ashley Skelly
Principal Faculty
HBS 4052 540-568-8168 skellyaw@jmu.edu

Mrs. Whitney Simmons
Principal Faculty

HBS 4050 540-568-7522 simmo3wr@jmu.edu
Mrs. Tarie Dean
Office Manager
HBS 4060 540-568-2395 deanth@jmu.edu

Mrs. Bree Emurian
Fiscal Manager

HBS 4054 540-568-7521 emuriabd@jmu.edu
Mr. James Hammond
Faculty Emeritus
N/A N/A hammonjb@jmu.edu

Affiliate Faculty: Student-Engaged Medical Clinic

Name Office Phone Email

Mrs. Susan Adamson
Nurse Practitioner
SEMC Supervisor

N/A 540-433-5431 N/A

Mrs. Sara Tranum
Physician Assistant
Clinical Preceptor

N/A 540-433-5431 N/A


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