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Dietetics Research Posters Displayed

By: Michael Morikawa
Posted: October 30, 2014

PHOTO: Posters on display

If you walked through ISAT/CS on October 22nd or 23rd, you were greeted by numerous posters lining the hallway. These posters were made by six teams of dietetic students for NUTR 482, Nutrition and Metabolism. These posters gave people a chance to learn about a variety of topics pertaining to metabolism, such as the benefits of coconut oil, the truth behind gluten and its effects in the body, and whether the metabolism of high fructose corn syrup is really the same as table sugar.

Topics were chosen by the student teams, with many being influenced by recent media coverage of their respective topics. For example, Alana Misiura and Ivy Haines, both senior dietetic majors, chose to examine if the hype surrounding coconut oil was fact or fiction. “Many people see things in the media, whether on TV or online, and are quick to accept the headlines as facts,” Haines stated. “We wanted to choose a topic that was relatable to people but that also attributed to our knowledge of the metabolic system and how it can be affected.”

PHOTO: JMU Students

Another team of students decided to research Celiac Disease and how gluten affects the body. Many of the students reported an interest in this topic due to loved ones being affected by either gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease. Following a ‘gluten free’ lifestyle has gained popularity in the past few years, leading to a piqued interest in the topic.

By researching for their projects, students were able to combine classroom knowledge and current “hot topics” to enhance their understanding and educate the public about complicated metabolic processes.

All of the student teams agreed these projects will be useful in their careers. With their newfound understanding of metabolism and what they’ve learned through research, the students will be able to guide future clients towards healthier lifestyles.

The posters remain on display in the hallway on the 3rd floor of the HHS building.

PHOTO: JMU Students


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