James Madison University

Dietetic Internship

Following graduation from a DPD, you must complete an ACEND-accredited or approved Supervised Practice experience (Dietetic Internship, Individualized Supervised Practice Pathway, or Coordinated Program),  These are supervised practice experiences of at least 1200 hours directed by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Students successfully completing the JMU DPD will receive a signed Verification Statement necessary before beginning a Supervised Practice experience.

Verification Statement Forms will be processed as soon as the JMU Registrar has posted the degree to the student’s record, normally within one month following graduation.  Five signed copies of the Verification Statement will be sent to the home address listed in the student’s official record. 

Verification Statements showing completion of DPD requirements at JMU will be issued only to students who complete the professional program after full admission to the dietetics program at JMU. 

The JMU DPD does not evaluate transcripts for DPD completion of students who are not attending JMU.  The university does not admit students to undergraduate programs if they possess a Baccalaureate degree.  Therefore, the DPD at JMU cannot admit these students to the program nor issue Verification Statements to them.


  • August 28
    First Day of Classes
  • November 17-25
    Thanksgiving Break
  • December 9-15
    Final Examinations
  • December 15-16