James Madison University

Outcomes & Pass Rates

Graduates of the Didactic Program in Dietetics at JMU receive positions in Dietetic Internship programs all over the United States.  The percentage of applicants from JMU who were placed in internships during the spring match dates is shown below.  Most students who are placed receive their first or second choices in the placement process.

Year JMU Spring Match Rate National Match Rate
2017 76% 56%
2016 63% 51%
2015 77% 49%
2014 67% 48%
2013 50% 48%
2012 53% 48%

JMU Graduates are very successful on the Registration Examination for Dietitians.  Over the past five years 95% of graduates taking the exam for the first time passed it and 99% have passed within one year of taking the examination the first time.

Other outcomes available upon request.


  • August 28
    First Day of Classes
  • November 17-25
    Thanksgiving Break
  • December 9-15
    Final Examinations
  • December 15-16