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PA Students Awarded Scholarships

By: Daniel Vieth
Posted: October 1, 2013

Six first year Physician Assistant students were awarded scholarships, an honor given to the top students who apply to the prestigious program. This scholarship is given annually to the top applicants of the PA program based on the GPA of their past 30 science credit hours.

The 2013 recipients of the PA scholarship were Laura Chisam, Nikoleta Delis, Aris deVries, Scott Napier, Cori Pflugradt, and Tyler Prewett.

According to program director Jerry Weniger, “the intention [of this scholarship] is that it offsets some of the tuition costs for students.” Mr. Weniger continued, explaining that the program provides these scholarships utilizing fellowship money provided by the Graduate School.

Cori Pflugradt, one of the recipients of this year’s scholarships, plans to use the money to help curb the costs of education, stating that “it will help greatly to cover extra expenses for the program, such as the cost of books and medical equipment.”

“When I found out that I had received the award, I was very thankful and honored,” Pflugradt exclaimed. “It certainly made me feel like my years of hard work in college had not gone unnoticed!”

After graduating from the Physician Assistant program, Pflugradt hopes to make a difference in whatever community he decides to work in. He has a particular interest in medical mission trips overseas where he can “help people in parts of the world that are medically underserved.” He is thankful that the scholarship can help him pursue that goal.


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