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Admission to the Major

Declare HSA as your Major

Any student admitted to JMU can declare HSA as his/her major and will be permitted to enroll in pre-requisite courses. Incoming freshman and transfer students may declare the HSA major at orientation. If you do not enter JMU as a HSA major and desire to change to HSA, you must complete a request for a “Major/Minor Change” in My Madison. To continue beyond the pre-requisite courses, students must apply and be fully admitted to the program. Declaring the HSA major does not guarantee admission to the HSA program.

Complete the HSA Pre-Requisites

In order to apply to be fully admitted to the HSA program, students must have completed or be currently enrolled in the following pre-requisite classes at the time of application and earn a grade of “C-” or higher:

  • ACTG 244*
  • CIS 204*
  • ECON 201
  • HTH 354

For students who are currently enrolled in a pre-requisite course(s) at the time of application, admission will be contingent upon successfully completing all pre-requisite courses with a “C-“ or higher prior to the beginning of the semester to which the student is applying. Equivalent coursework taken at other schools will be accepted.

*COB 242 may substitute for ACTG 244 and COB 204 may substitute for CIS 204.

Submit the HSA Admission Application

Students wishing to be fully admitted to the HSA major at JMU must apply in the semester during which the requirements will be met, usually in the spring of the sophomore year. Admission applications received after the sophomore year may result in the delay of graduation beyond the traditional four years.
Admission applications must include the following and be submitted electronically by the deadline to healthprofessions@jmu.edu:

Application deadline for Fall Admission: February 15
Application deadline for Spring Admission: September 15

Notification of Acceptance

Students will be notified of their acceptance into the program prior to the beginning of the class registration period for the subsequent semester. Admission to the HSA program is a competitive process in which a limited number of students are admitted each cycle. Meeting the criteria for application does not guarantee admission into the program. Students who are not admitted to the major on the first application cycle may reapply in subsequent semester(s) and are encouraged to counsel with the Program Director regarding their placement in the selection process and whether reapplying is advisable.

For More Information

All declared HSA students will be assigned a HSA major advisor, who can assist students with their course planning and answer any questions about the application process. For general inquiries about the program or admissions process, please contact the Program Director, Dr. April Temple, at templ2al@jmu.edu


  • Application deadlines for admission to the Health Services Administration major:

    Spring Admission: September 15th

    Fall Admission: February 15th
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