James Madison University

Curriculum Overview

First Year Credit Hours
General Education courses 31
Total for Year 31
Second Year Credit Hours
ACTG 244. Accounting for Non-Business Majors 3
COB 204. Computer Information Systems 3
ECON 201. Introduction to Microeconomics 3
HTH 354. U.S. and Global Health Care Systems 3
MATH 220. Elementary Statistics 3
Electives 7
General Education courses 9
Total for Year 31
Third Year Credit Hours
HSA 290. Gerontology for Health Services Administration 3
FIN 345. Finance Fundamentals for Non-Business Majors 3
HTH 320. Statistical Methods for Health Science Research
(B.S. degree requirement)
HSA 358. Health Administration 3
HSA 365. Values in Health Care 3
HSA 385. Health Services Administration Career Seminar 1
HSA 463. Quality Management in Health Care 3
MGT 305. Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MKTG 380. Principles of Marketing 3
Program electives 6
Total for Year 31
Fourth Year Credit Hours
HTH 450. Epidemiology 3
HTH 458. Health Program Planning and Evaluation 3
HSA 363. Health Economics 3
HSA 454. Internship in Health Organizations 3
HSA 466. Health Politics and Policy
(B.S. degree requirement)
HSA 462. Managed Care 3
HSA 464. Funding in Health Care 3
Choose two of the following:
HSA 452. Hospital Organization and Administration
HSA 455. Long Term Care Organization and Administration
HSA 456. Ambulatory Care Services: Organization and Administration
Total for Year 27

The General Education program contains a set of requirements each student must fulfill. The number of credit hours necessary to fulfill these requirements may vary.

See the JMU undergraduate catalog for more details.


  • Application deadlines for admission to the Health Services Administration major:

    Spring Admission: September 15th

    Fall Admission: February 15th
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