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JMU’s Health Services Administration Program prepares students for entry-level administrative positions, and staff positions requiring administrative skills, in various health services organizations. It also provides a solid foundation for graduate study in health administration, business, and related fields.

The profession of Health Services Administration is key to meeting the health and medical needs of the public. Health services administrators plan, organize, direct, and control health facilities and programs by making critical staffing, budgetary, and service decisions in support of the care of patients. They work closely with direct providers of care who work in their organizations such as nurses, physicians, and other clinical and technical staff. To effectively carry out the role of health services administrator, individuals must have a strong desire to be in the helping profession, possess a good understanding of the uniqueness of health services and reimbursement programs, have excellent interpersonal skills, and be able to apply business skills such as finance, marketing, accounting, and management. All of these managerial competencies are necessary for managers to facilitate organizational success.


  • Deadlines for declaration of the Health Services Administration major:

    September 15
    (for the following Spring Semester)

    February 15
    (for the following Summer/Fall semester).
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