James Madison University

Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Goals & Objectives


The mission of the Department of Health Sciences is to offer pre-professional and professional preparation for health disciplines, advance evidence-based practice, and provide service to communities.


The vision of the Department of Health Sciences is to be recognized as a leader in educating future health professionals to improve the health and well-being of the communities in which we live.


  1. Excellence in all professional responsibilities.

  2. Innovation to advance our professions and develop best practices

  3. Service to the department, university, our professions and communities.

  4. Collaboration across disciplines to facilitate student learning, provide service, and conduct research

  5. Diversity in faculty, staff, students, and viewpoints

  6. Integrity/Professionalism in all endeavors

  7. Engagement in learning, community and civic matters

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  1. Prepare future health professionals.
    Objective: Enhance approaches for preparing students to be health professionals.

  2. Promote the health and well-being of the JMU community.
    Objective: Provide resources through instruction, service, and consultation to the campus community.

  3. Support general education preparation.
    Objective: Sustain needed capacity to address student needs.

  4. Provide service to meet the needs of the community, state, region, and nation.
    Objective: Enhance recognition of the value of our service contributions.

  5. Conduct and disseminate research/scholarship.
    Objective: Develop appropriate infrastructure.


  • How to declare a Health Sciences Major
  • Health Sciences has BLACKOUT dates of September 15th and February 15th. You must be declared by September 15th to add HTH courses in the following Spring semester and by February 15th for the following Fall semester. There are NO exceptions.
  • JMU Summer Hours
    Monday – Thursday
    8:00 – 5:00
    Friday 8:00 – Noon
  • August 28
    First Day of Classes

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