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James Madison University

All twenty second-year students selected to present at AOTA conference

Approximately 30,000 AOTA Conference presentation proposals (April 2017-Philidelphia) were submitted for review. Fewer than 3000 were selected.  The majority of those selected, were submitted by practicing OTs. We were notified last evening that every one of our twenty,  second-year students, will be presenting (at least once) at conference. In addition, all faculty and many alumni members are presenting as well. It is unprecedented that an entire class of OT students would be selected to present at a single conference. In addition, many of the manuscripts have been selected, or are being considered for publication in peer reviewed journals. I continue to feel extremely humbled and proud to teach in the JMU OT Program.


Top Row (L - R): Hope Sadowski, Savanah Howe, Stephanie Jansen, Meaghan Smith, Shane Dinan 2nd Row: Torrey Bathurst, Christie Briskey, Katrina Lauer, Emily Lupin, Jake Gilbert 3rd Row: Heidi Maeyer, Katie Tuebner, Alex Le, Hannah Fauber, Clara Wright Front Row: Lindsey Sawyer, Chanele Molano, Elyse Powderly, Tara Tinsley, Megan Dwyer  


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