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James Madison University

April proclaimed as OT month

As students of Occupational Therapy at JMU, we are preparing to enter the healthcare field and wish to spread awareness of our profession.  Frequently, we encounter people who do not know what OT is or may strictly associate our profession with rehabilitation from stroke or broken bones.  We work with people at all stages of the lifespan, with varying conditions, to determine strategies and teach skills that enable success in meeting the demands of life.  OT is changing lives and we want to impact more people within our community. 

The American Occupational Therapy Association declared the month of April as OT Month and we wanted to spread local awareness regarding how OT can assist people with living life to its fullest.  OT is available to citizens of Harrisonburg through hospitals, home health agencies, schools, clinics, and nursing homes.  We desire to make people aware of how continued engagement and participation within meaningful activities of life contribute to the overall health and productivity of our society.  Mayor Deanna Reed's Proclamation of April 2018 as OT Month in Harrisonburg is a step towards reaching the community and providing information about our profession.


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