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James Madison University

OT students volunteer at WWRC Valentine’s Day dance

PHOTO: OT students at dance

On Wednesday, February 15 first and second year students attended the Valentine’s Day dance at Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center in Fishersville ( Students helped staff members with setting up the refreshment table, monitoring the crafts table, setting up and taking pictures at the photo booth, and participating in dancing and games in the gym. Students engaged with WWRC students through conversation and dance, and spent the majority of the night dancing the night away. When WWRC students requested a dance battle with JMU students, the gym erupted into all types of dance moves and all smiles. A king and queen of the dance was also voted on by WWRC staff and announced during the dance, which gave way to cheers and excitement. This experience allowed for OT students to interact with individuals of similar ages with various personal and life histories. This fun learning experience helped OT students gain perspective in regards to different situations and environments that the young adult population with various disabilities can experience and occupy. Students were able to observe WWRC students interact with their peers in a very open and familiar environment, facilitating a better understanding of social interactions among this population.

First year students were encouraged to participate through the OT 580 course, Occupational Dysfunction Case & Impact, and through this course students have been volunteering in a wide variety of settings with various populations throughout the semester to facilitate more hands-on experience. Students chose to volunteer their time at this event because it was a very enjoyable experience, and the WWRC staff and students are so welcoming to JMU student volunteers. First year OT students will be returning to WWRC on Wednesday, March 1st to help with the Winter Games events!


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