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Admission into the Occupational Studies Concentration as an Undergraduate Senior

About the Occupational Studies Concentration

The Occupational Studies Concentration provides JMU Health Sciences students with an opportunity to enroll in the Occupational Therapy Program during their senior year.  It allows students to complete a baccalaureate Health Sciences Degree and a Masters in Occupational Therapy degree in five and a half years.

Admission to JMU as an undergraduate does not guarantee admission into this concentration. Admission to this program is highly competitive and not all qualified applicants will be admitted. 

This program is designed for students who demonstrate high level of academic, professional, and interpersonal skills.  Students have a high level of commitment to becoming an occupational therapist.   

Students should be advised that the Occupational Therapy Program is a professional graduate program. All students enrolled in the program, including occupational studies students must abide by and uphold professional standards of conduct and ethical codes.  Students admitted into the Program are subjected to background checks prior to beginning fieldwork affiliations in order to protect clients.    

Due to anticipated changes in the OT Profession this option is NO longer available for students who entered JMU after the spring 2016 semester. Fall 2017 application cycle will be the final opportunity to apply to this program.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility is restricted to exclusively to students who meet all of the following criteria.

  • Current JMU students     
  • Entered JMU during or prior to spring 2016    
  • Are majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in Health Studies      
  • Successfully completed 85 undergraduate credits as noted below (see Laura Blosser for advising)
    • All General Education courses
    • All Health Science Core Requirements
    • All Health Studies Concentration Requirements
    • OT Pre-Professional Requirements
  • Successfully completed all academic and nonacademic criteria for admission into this concentration


  • All students MUST attend a mandatory information session specifically for the OS program. Dates and times will be posted in early spring.
  • Applicants to the Occupational Studies Concentration should apply directly to the OT Program using the application form 
  • Submit all materials by the end of the business day on November 15 to the OT Program Office
  • Please email the JMU OT Admissions Committee should you have questions about the process.
  • Occupational Studies students will complete 35 hours their senior year by enrolling in Occupational Studies Courses on the OT Program Curriculum web page. These courses are designated by a HTH four hundred level prefix (e.g. HTH 409).
  • Students who successfully complete all academic and professional requirements earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences at the end of the spring semester.   
  • OS Students must apply to the Graduate School during their first year in the Occupational Therapy Program. Additional information will be provided to you.
  • Students must complete 44 graduate credits for completion of the MOT degree.

Admission into the occupational studies concentration as a senior does not ensure admission into the graduate school or graduate level occupational therapy program.

Prerequisite Courses

Please review the prerequisite courses carefully.   OS must meet all requirements for Health Sciences under graduate degree except electives.

Prerequisite Course FAQs



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