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Faculty/Staff Directory

For general information, email healthsciences@jmu.edu.


Name Office Phone Email
Dr. Herb Amato
Interim Department Head
HBS 3096 540-568-6510 amatohk@jmu.edu
Dr. Jeremy Akers
Program Coordinator, MS Dietetics
HBS 2028 540-568-8974 akersjd@jmu.edu
Dr. Stephanie Baller HBS 3062 540-568-8973 ballersl@jmu.edu
Ms. Laura Wilson Blosser
Department Advisor & Instructor
HBS 3084 540-568-8929 blosselw@jmu.edu
Dr. Audrey Burnett
Assistant Department Head
HBS 2072 540-568-8969 burnetaj@jmu.edu
Dr. David Cockley HBS 2018 540-568-2834 cocklede@jmu.edu
Dr. Erika Collazo HBS 3064 540-568-8975 collazem@jmu.edu
Dr. B. Kent Diduch GODW 128 540-568-6562 diduchbk@jmu.edu
Dr. Theresa Enyeart Smith
Assistant Department Head
HBS 3086 540-568-3951 enyeartm@jmu.edu
Dr. Jamie Frye
Program Director,
Athletic Training

HBS 2008 540-568-8836 fryejl@jmu.edu
Dr. Janet Gloeckner
Program Director, Dietetics
HBS 2014 540-568-7084 gloeckjw@jmu.edu
Dr. Dayna Henry HBS 2060 540-568-4166 henryds@jmu.edu
Dr. Michelle Hesse HBS 2022 540-568-6570 hessemx@jmu.edu
Mr. Tim Howley HBS 3066 540-568-7895 howleytm@jmu.edu
Dr. Erika Kancler HBS 4058 540-568-6758 kancleen@jmu.edu
Dr. Twylla Kirchen
Program Director,
Occupational Therapy
HBS 2052 540-568-8170 kirchetm@jmu.edu
Dr. Robert Koslow
HBS 2070 540-568-3945 koslowre@jmu.edu
Dr. Kristi Lewis
Program Director,
Health Studies
HBS 3058 540-568-2607 lewiskl@jmu.edu
Ms. Kristy Liskey HBS 4062 540-568-2609 liskeykc@jmu.edu
Ms. Joy Lohr HBS 2026 540-568-8971 lohrja@jmu.edu
Ms. Sharon Maiewski HBS 4055 540-568-2392 maiewssf@jmu.edu
Dr. Paula Maxwell HBS 5051C 540-568-8872 maxwelpj@jmu.edu
Dr. Laura Merrell HBS 2062 540-568-4167 merrellk@jmu.edu
Ms. Maegan Michalik HBS 2010 540-568-2832 michalmr@jmu.edu
Dr. Katherine Ott Walter HBS 3054 540-568-8972 ottwalmk@jmu.edu
Dr. Andrew Peachey HBS 2058 540-568-5053 peacheaa@jmu.edu
Dr. Connie Peterson HBS 2016 540-568-7085 peterscl@jmu.edu
Dr. Claire Plautz RMH N/A plautzcm@jmu.edu
Dr. Georgia Polacek HBS 3083 540-568-7097 polacegn@jmu.edu
Dr. Terri Prodoehl HBS 3052 540-568-8704 prodoert@jmu.edu
Ms. Elizabeth Richardson HBS 2046 540-568-7749 richaree@jmu.edu
Dr. Sarah Rush HBS 3068 540-568-4948 rushse@jmu.edu

Mrs. Whitney Simmons
Principal Faculty

HBS 4050 540-568-7522 simmo3wr@jmu.edu
Ashley Skelly HBS 4052 540-568-8168 skellyaw@jmu.edu
Dr. Margi Stickney HBS 3070 540-568-2979 sticknma@jmu.edu
Dr. Debra Sutton HBS 3057 540-568-3392 suttondl@jmu.edu
Dr. April Temple HBS 2020 540-568-3816 templ2al@jmu.edu
Ms. Brandon Theimer HBS 3071 540-568-6362 theimebp@jmu.edu
Dr. Jon Thompson
Program Director,
Health Services Administration

HBS 2006 540-568-3472 thompsjm@jmu.edu
Dr. Danielle Torisky HBS 2030 540-568-6579 toriskdm@jmu.edu
Dr. Jennifer Walsh HBS 2024 540-568-6362 walsh5jr@jmu.edu
Dr. France Weaver HBS 2056 540-568-3958 weaverfm@jmu.edu
Mr. Jerry Weniger
Program Director,
Physician Assistant Studies
HBS 4056 540-568-8171 wenigegr@jmu.edu
Dr. David Wenos
Program Director, Health Assessment and Promotion
HBS 3060 540-568-3928 wenosdl@jmu.edu
Dr. Jeanne Wenos HBS 2048 540-568-2841 wenosjz@jmu.edu
Dr. Theresa Wessel
Program Director,
Public Health Education
HBS 3088 540-568-3955 wesselmt@jmu.edu
Dr. Amy Russell Yun
HBS 2054 540-568-2310 russelax@jmu.edu






Ms. Tarie Dean
Physician Assistant
HBS 4060 540-568-2395 deanth@jmu.edu

Ms. Jennie Fink
Administrative Office Assistant

HBS 3090 540-568-2833 fink3jl@jmu.edu
Ms. Stephanie Lewis
Athletic Training/ Dietetics
HBS 2012 540-568-8935 lewisse@jmu.edu

Ms. Olga Ott
Office Manager

HBS 3094



Ms. Lisa Snider
Occupational Therapy
HBS 2051 540-568-2399 sniderlk@jmu.edu
Amy Barnitz Wild 
Dietetics Lab Manager
G012B 540-568-8921 barnitax@jmu.edu


  • How to declare a Health Sciences Major
  • Health Sciences has BLACKOUT dates of September 15th and February 15th. You must be declared by September 15th to add HTH courses in the following Spring semester and by February 15th for the following Fall semester. There are NO exceptions.
  • JMU Summer Hours
    Monday – Thursday
    8:00 – 5:00
    Friday 8:00 – Noon
  • August 28
    First Day of Classes

Welcome from Health Sciences

PHOTO: Herb AmatoHealth is one of the most important disciplines in today’s world. Given the current and future global demand for well trained and passionate health professionals, now is an ideal time to study in our department. We urge you to learn about our programs to see where your future ambitions fit. More >