Does Victim Gender Affect Rape Myth Acceptance?

Julia Sell, Hannah Elliott, Jordan Schuetz, Brittany Haney

Presentation Type/ Session Time:
HTH 408 Research Symposium
December 7, 2021


This study addressed gender bias in rape myth acceptance and the gaps in literature regarding differences in RMA scores on the updated Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale when the victim is female vs. gender-neutral. The findings from this study could be used to update sexual assault/rape prevention programs for incoming college freshmen.

Faculty Comments - Dayna Henry

Both of the winning posters from my class resulted from two groups of students expressing interest in working on a research project that might result in a publication with a faculty member. Investigating sexual assault perceptions and prevention is one of many topics my research team investigates. The students were provided the Rape Myth Acceptance Scales and informed we wished to explore whether the gendered nature of the scales impacted rape myths. The two groups of students independently searched the literature for any existing studies, developed an online survey which we later combined, co-submitted the IRB application, completed the recruitment for the study, then divided up the data to clean, analyze, and write up for their projects. This semester, the students who are interested in the publication process were given the opportunity to take the lead on developing a conference presentation and helping to write the paper up for publication.